Barney’s Farm Biscotti Mintz Fem 3 pk


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Flower Time to Harvest    
8 – 9 Weeks

Yield-per 11 Sq. Ft.    
600 – 650 G

Genetic Lineage    
Biscotti, Mintz

Great Potential

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Biscotti Mintz is one of the most flavorful additions to our collection. It is an Indica dominant strain (80% with 20% Sativa)It has a yield of 600-650g and can be expected to produce dense and tight buds. This plant is known for its outstanding resistance against spider mites and powdery mildew, making it a perfect choice for beginners. It grows huge colas as long as it is treated well with plenty of nutrients and water. We recommend topping or training up the Christmas tree-like structure of this strain to get more even light exposure on all the buds. As the plant matures it will become hard and dense, so be sure to provide your plants with proper support or you might need some staking as well. Biscotti Mintz has a unique minty aroma and taste. She is a delicious Indica-dominant strain that will not disappoint you by its size. This strain has many features of both parent plants making it an interesting one to grow, smoke, and even breed with. This hybrid is actually quite popular due to its minty flavor combined with an earthy chocolate-like aroma that it emits when it is smoked.