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Barney’s Farm Gelato 45 Fem 5 pk


Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
60% Indica 40% Sativa
Indoor Height (cm): 100-120cm
Indoor Yield (g): up to 650-700 gr/m²

In stock

In stock


Taste: Unique Sweet Flavour, Earthy Pines, Skunky Notes Of Citrus
Aroma: Unique Sweet Aromas, Mint-Chocolate Ice Cream, Fruity Sweet Berry
GELATO #45™ is a perfect example and execution of selective breeding from Barney’s Farm lab.
GELATO #45™ parents Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies provided, after selection a beautifully balanced 60% Indica hybrid, a perfect choice for growers with all levels of experience, extremely forgiving but also very versatile for a wide range of growing techniques.
GELATO #45™ has an extraordinary, unique flavor and contrasting aroma profile with subtle hints of earthy pines, flowers, and skunky notes of citrus, while the deliciously sweet aromas resemble mint-chocolate ice cream and fruity sweet berries
Gelato #45 is a strong robust plant reaching 100-120cm indoors given the time to grow with a flowering time of just 70 days. Outdoors she can grow easily up to 2-2.5m reaching maturity by the start of October.
Dark vibrant shades of lime and olive-green large fan leaves evolve during its growth then in the right hands with the final stages of flowering a spectacular array of colors emerges. With a backdrop of beautiful contrasting leaves displaying deep purples, with fading reds and orange tints. Densely compacted orbital-shaped buds continually swelling in size, covered with deep purple sugar leaves are gradually engulfed in the swollen lime green resin glands covered with bright amber pistils and a golden coating of sticky resinous trichomes as she matures.