Barney’s Farm Orange Sherbert Fem 3 pk


20% Sativa, 80% Indica
Flower Time: 8 – 10 Weeks
Genetic Lineage: Cherry Pie, Orange Cream, Purple Urkle
THC Potency:    24%

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Orange Sherbert is an Indica dominant strain (80% with 20% Sativa) that delivers a sweet orange aroma and flavor followed by a strong relaxing high. This cultivar is loved for its ability to provide relief without overpowering sedative effects for ailments like stress, pain, and depression. The Orange Sherbert high starts off with an uplifting cerebral feeling, and as time passes by this will fade into feelings of comfortability and relaxation throughout the body. This strain is great for those of you looking to relieve body aches, cramps, and stress. Orange Sherbert’s effects are potent without causing sedation which makes this strain perfect for both day and nighttime medication, due to its 24% THC potency. A fruity flavor of orange with a strong spicy aftertaste is what most consumers report. She gets that from her genetic lineage of Cherry Pie, Orange Cream, and Purple Urkle. Orange Sherbert will leave you relaxed and uplifted with full-body effects that will calm your muscles and senses. The strain’s shorter flowering stage of around 8 weeks makes her a great option for novice growers to try their hand at cultivating their own cannabis. For a sweet and rejuvenating experience, choose Orange Sherbert.