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Cali Connection Alpine Strawberry Fem 6 pk


Alpine Strawberry

(Strawberry Banana x Strawberry OG reversed)

In stock

In stock


 What can’t we say about Alpine Strawberry? You will indeed have a great structured plant that will provide a fantastic center kola with great lateral branching. She is a pretty easy-to-grow and easy-to-clone plant. While growing Alpine Strawberry you will want to train her to create a very full plant. Her yields will be very nice and can easily be exploited to yield even more due to her heritage. Her smell is a great blend of bananas meets berries with a very earthy hash undertone. She will leave a long-lasting Banana Berry flavor on your palate. Expect the extracts to be some of the sweetest you have tried due to their “Berry” exotic terpene profile. Flower Time will be 69-74 days