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Delicious Seeds Golosa Fem 5 pk


Taste: grapefruit, green mango with hints of peppermint, coffee, and licorice.
Genetics: Bay 11 x Grapefruit x Blueberry
Type: 80% Indica
Flowering Time: 55 to 60 days
Yield: 550 g/m2
Great Potential

In stock

In stock


“Golosa (DS36) – Delicious Seeds presents one of this year’s new strains, a plant resulting from crossing Blueberry x Grapefruit, which we then crossed with Bay 11. This gorgeous hybrid is part of PROJECT 11 which began 4 YEARS AGO and will surprise you with its very dark colors which are most prominent at the end of its cycle, finishing flowering in an intense jet-black that is very pretty.  With respect to taste, Golosa (DS36) (which can be translated into English as sweet-toothed, greedy, or tempting) has hints of bitter fruits such as grapefruit, and green mango with touches of peppermint, coffee, and licorice. Its flowers give off an aroma somewhere between green tea and thyme, a very pleasant smell that transports you rapidly to wooded places full of vegetation.  The strain is a medium-sized plant with very little branching and will finish flowering in around 60 days, giving you a very quick harvest. This is a very resistant plant and will not be affected, therefore, by mold or other pests.” – Delicious Seeds