Dutch Passion Kerosene Krash Fem 10 pk


Lineage: Gorilla Glue #4 X Sherbet 
Yield: XXL
Flowering Time:  8 weeks
Family: Indica
Type: USA Special
Prize Winner
Room: Indoor
THC Content: Extremely High

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Kerosene Krash is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain that arose from our USA breeding program. This strain belongs to our USA-special family, which contains only the very best genetics from the USA. As mentioned earlier, Kerosene Krash was created by crossing a beautiful female GG # 4 (Gorilla Glue # 4 aka. Original Glue) with a male Sherbet (aka. Sherbert). This hybrid was later stabilized and feminized to create the Kerosene Krash seeds that we sell today.

This strain is able to flower quickly. Most phenotypes you will encounter will be ready to harvest in about 8 weeks on average. Some plants seem to be ready after 7 weeks of 12/12 light, but we recommend giving them that extra 1 to 1.5 week. This is partly because the buds become even more compact and potent in the last 2 weeks, but also because the blooms pack on extra weight.

If you look at the trichomes with a microscope you can keep a close eye on the ripening process. Getting a good number of amber trichomes gives the high even more power!

Because Kerosene Krash flowers quickly, she usually remains a very compact plant. She is relatively small in comparison to other “USA-special” varieties because her stretch is minimal. She will only stretch in bloom for 2 to about 3 weeks. Some phenotypes come to a standstill very quickly, so it is recommended to extend the VEG period slightly to ultimately increase yield.

The plant structure is best described as compact. The internode distance is relatively small and the leaves are of a hybrid structure that leans more toward the Indica side.