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Humboldt Seed Company Grow Your Own Fem 10 pk (Variety Pack)


A mix of three different feminized strains
Blueberry Muffin – 4 seeds (Purple Panty Dropper x Razzle Berry)
Bigfoot Glue – 3 seeds (G. Glew 4 x Humboldt Headband)
Sour Apple AUTO – 3 seeds (Magic Melon Auto x Humboldt Sour Diesel)

In stock

In stock


Grow Sisters and Humboldt Seed Co have teamed up to provide you with the perfect grow-your-own garden lineup. These emerald triangle genetics were chosen specifically for an epic growing season. Join the Grow Sisters on social media for free cultivation education, Whether you are a master grower or a beginner, this trio (now featuring an auto) is ideal for a well-rounded cultivation experience. From seed to harvest, join us in celebrating the cannabis legacy brought to you from the hills of Humboldt.