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Jean O’s Genetics Amethyst F1 Fem 3 pk


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In stock


Amethyst F1 photoperiod is the end result of crossing several old school favorites.  The mother in this cross was created by crossing Lavender x Purps x Cinderella 99 auto. This photosensitive Fast Version had a flowering time of 10 weeks and produced large sativa style flowers.  Terpenes were strong Lavender and a peppery gas. This mother was crossed to the StrawDawg photoperiod line. StrawDawg photo fem is the result from crossing 2 amazing old school favorites. Strawberry Cough x ChemDawg. Amethyst does have a small amount of ruderallis in its lineage but handles just like your normal photoperiods. Sativa leaning Hybrid.  I would expect a fair amount of phenotypes in this cultivar with terpenes ranging from Lavender,  Gas, Floral, Skunk, Strawberry,  chemicals,  and dank musty basement.  Flowering time around 9 to 10 weeks. Mother plant shown in pictures. Seeds are sold as souvenirs for adults 21 and over. Please follow the rules and regulations for your area.