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Khalifa Genetics Limon Blanco Fem 6 pk


Terra White x Afghan Lemon IBL

80% Indica

hot to temperate climates

high yield

9-10 weeks

lemon, grass, lime and kush

In stock

In stock


Thanks to its Afghanica ancestry, the Limon Blanco V3 is robust and produces extremely sturdy branches. For that reason, the plants almost never need support and can withstand high winds. As soon as the first trichomes appear, a fresh and acidic lemon smell is already noticeable. As the plants mature, the smell becomes very pungent but sweeter with delicious notes of Kush and hash. Towards the end of the flowering cycle, the sugar leaves and part of the flowers take on a sublime dark purple color. Relatively cold night temperatures in the last few weeks will help almost all the plants reveal their stunning colors. Touching these ripe buds leaves a lingering lemony/hashy smell on your fingers. Provided the humidity remains low at the end of its flowering cycle, the V3 will reward even the most inexperienced growers with beautiful dark lemon-scented flowers.