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Monthly Updates with Bitsy

BITSY GAZETTE: MARCH 1, 2024 Edition

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Seedling Sales have begun here at the Seed Cellar:

We are offering 12 different Life Is An Adventure, L.I.A.A, varieties of seedlings this 2024 growing season. Customers can view plant information under the Life Is An Adventure breeder tab located on the home page. Each seedling $40.00(+tax) and will be under 8 inches and will be around 6 weeks old or less at the time of pick up. Orders will be live during the 2024 Spring at the Seed Cellar. Email or Call for more information: or (517) 879-2801 🙂

MPS COMMUNITY PSYCHEDELIC MEETING: Saturday March 9th, 2024 – Our knowledgeable host will be discussing the topic of Safety at this months free community psychedelic meeting located at the Seed Cellar! Don’t miss the wisdom and conversion taking place. Anyone and everyone is welcome at this free monthly event!

BEGINNER MUSHROOM CULTIVATION 101: Saturday March 23rd, 2023 –  Register for our monthly cultivation course to gain in person knowledge and understanding from our mycologist in a classroom setting. Package options include just taking the class or taking the class with a cultivation kit to take home once the course is completed.

Daylight Savings Sale: USE CODE: LIGHT to receive 10% off your order with free shipping March 9th-10th 2024

St. Patrick’s Day Sale: USE CODE: GREEN to receive 15% off and free shipping on your order March 14th-17th 2024

March Madness Sale: USE CODE: MAD to receive 30% off all Delicious Seed strains March 19th-31st

Easter Sale: NO CODE NEEDED to receive free shipping and freebie seeds in your order March 30th-31st 2024


Original Blends and Rest Blends in stock for purchase at the Seed Cellar! Replace your morning coffee with a 100% organic blend of medicinal mushrooms and spice. No sugars or sweeteners, say goodbye to jitters, crashes, and the inability to fall asleep at night. Switching will introduce a sense of calming and alertness, it’s totally worth it. Memory and focus support, immunity, antioxidant properties, reducing inflammation, and so many more amazing benefits for the Mind, Body, and Spirit! Not available online for purchase.

Smoke Reports Are Coming Soon! Read about the strains our staff members have tried for themselves. Find out our take on some of the strains in our store, beginning Spring 2024.