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Cookies Cannabis Seeds – NEW TO THE SEED CELLAR



Cookies Corn Syrup, Feminized 6pk

Cookies began as two men with a common goal: authenticity and innovative cannabis genetics. Their hands-on method from start to finish sets them apart from the rest of the industry. Visionaries, Jai and Berner, joined forces in San Francisco and began building the most globally recognized cannabis brand of our time. They take pride in their in-house cultivation process while also bringing their consumers global varieties and a full lineup of strain specific products.

Here at the Seed Cellar we are committed to bringing our customers the best genetics on the market, just like Cookies and their founders. Sharing similar mindsets and goals has allowed us to bring a full line up of Cookies strains right here to Jackson, Michigan!

Check out our Cookies seed selection with over 20 different strains to choose from, you won’t regret your decision this growing season.


Feminized 6 Packs:

  • Big Z ($100.00)
  • Blueberry Cherries (100.00)
  • Candy Candy (100.00)
  • Cherry Cooks (100.00)
  • Cherry Fritter ($100.00)
  • Corn Syrup (100.00)
  • Crispy Sugar ($74.00)
  • Dirty Diana ($100.00)
  • Dirty Money ($100.00)
  • Dried Fruit ($100.00)
  • Fried Banana (100.00)
  • Grapefruitz ($100.00)
  • Lemon Cherry Sherb ($100.00)
  • Lemongrass ($74.00)
  • Miami Yayo ($74.00)
  • Miklo ($74.00)
  • Motor City (100.00)
  • Orange Cake ($74.00)
  • Pie Piss ($100.00)
  • The Wolf ($74.00)
  • Tiger Paw ($74.00)
  • Velvet Cream ($74.00)
  • Wet Wet ($100.00)
  • White Coconut Pie ($74.00)
  • ZZ4 ($74.00)

Feminized 3 Packs:

  • Fried Banana ($60.00)
  • The Wolf ($50.00)
  • Wet Wet ($60.00)
  • White Coconut Pie ($50.00)
Strains will be posted on the website upon availability. Confirmation can be made upon phone call or email if you do not see the strain you want listed for sale under the breeders tab.
Cookies Corn Syrup Feminized 6pk Photographed Above
Check out the rest of Cookies amazing history here: