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The Seed Cellar offers Kingdom Organic Seeds, known for high-quality organic cannabis seeds produced strictly with only organic cultivation methods. Some of the most popular Kingdom Organic Seeds include Black Poison, Coma Cluster, and Iron Cindy.

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Kingdom Organic Seeds is a cannabis seed bank based in California, started by a well-known breeder nick-named Rev, who is also the Cultivation Editor for Skunk Magazine. Rev has been perfecting his cannabis cultivation methods since growing up as a child in the 70s and was an expert in hydroponic growing techniques by the time he was a teenager, long before hydroponics was as popular as it is today. After becoming good buds with pro-surfers in Cali, he had a sweet connection for obtaining coveted seeds from around the world. These surfers would bring back seeds from exotic places like Hawaii, Mexico, Africa, Panama, etc.

Rev started his seed bank business as Magic Kingdom, then changed the name to Kingdom of Seeds (KOS) after a few years. He went completely organic with painstaking effort and a high focus on mate selection and 100% natural breeding. KOS strictly follows all of the same techniques described in his book, True Living Organics. KOS-harvested females still have worms in the root balls, which produce highly viable seeds that last for generations. KOS growing and breeding is 100% organic, with a love for hybrids with a heavy sativa side. You can find quality indica and indica dominant strains as well, with a wide gene pool of flavors, aromas, and effects.

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KOS keeps it real with old-school techniques mixed with some modern pollen slinging blended in but always natural and organic. You will never find selfed, reversed, or “Frankensteined” breeding practices here. Kingdom Organic Seeds germination rates are touted to have a success rate of nearly 99.9%. KOS seeds stay viable for years and last for generations due to the painstaking detail in cultivation.

Rev’s growing practices are all about building a kick-ass soil base by recycling soil, roots, and extraneous plant matter, allowing Mother Nature to take charge and allow your micro life to evolve in your environment. Allowing cannabis to grow naturally following True Living Organics (TLO) growing practices produces amazing results. Following TLO practices changes a grower’s life, as nothing goes to waste. You’ll be composting real foods with diverse kitchen scraps like banana peels and broccoli stumps, producing supernatural, super healthy, and potent cannabis plants.

Kingdom Organic Seeds at The Seed Cellar

Enjoy a good diversity of regular photoperiod KOS seeds from The Seed Cellar, always delivered in original breeder packaging. The Seed Cellar features a wide selection of the top seeds from around the world, with more than 3,000 strains from over 80 different, carefully selected breeders. Rooted in Michigan, The Seed Cellar founders were instrumental in the Michigan cannabis movement and have been dedicated to providing the highest quality of cannabis seeds for the medical marijuana market and recreational cannabis lovers.

We offer quality seeds for the up-and-coming home grower or experienced cannabis commercial cultivation operation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to take your call, with a live person answering the phone or the door to help our walk-in customers.

The Seed Cellar differs from other online seed banks with a live staff and brick-and-mortar storefront dedicated to helping you find the perfect cannabis strain for you. We carefully select all top breeders and ship quality cannabis seeds in original breeder packaging. Check out the seed bank now for the best marijuana seeds available online from top breeders like Kingdom Organic Seeds.