Humboldt Seed Company Sweet Annie 1:1 Reg 20 pk


Sex: Regular
Type: Sativa Dominant(60/40)
Lineage: Sweet Annie 1:1 x Sweet Annie Lebanese x Willy G’s Lebanese
Flower Time: 50 DAYS, SEPT. 20 – OCT. 5
Effect: Relaxing but Functional
Flavor: Sweet Pine, Concord Grapes

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A landrace sativa and a terpene queen met for a frolic in the garden and created this unique 1:1 THC/CBD herb. An easy-to-grow branching bush of well-balanced cannabinoids… what isn’t it good for? Wonderful for topicals or really any delivery method. Also a great beginner smoke, relaxing but functional. Suggested for outdoor growing only. A solid way for a farm to stand out from the crowd and perfect for the backyard herbalist looking to enjoy a plethora of uses from the cannabis plant!